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Client Check-In

I know it's a reiterative statement , but I seriously can't believe it's the last 2 weeks of the year!
I'll have all three of my boys home for the holidays, so I'll be taking a short break, from December 23 - Jan 4th, to "enjoy the moment." But before this happens, I want to tie up any loose ends.

A noteworthy New Year's Resolution of mine is be more accurate at each stage of the project when providing delivery dates. In order to get off to a good start, I need a little help. If you would kindly list all open projects as well as an ideal/realistic date of completion below.  Unless you require something immediately, feel free to fill out the form at your leisure, preferably submitting  before the New Year.

If you have items that need to be completed immediately, please submit this form asap and I'll make sure to get you on my schedule this week.

Just to clarify...I'm NOT off limits over the next couple weeks!  I'm just not going to be meeting, searching or designing. ANY visual or verbal advice required over this time frame will not cramp my style! If you need to run something by me feel free to text!  (714.349.9887) It might not be immediate, but I promise to get back to you!

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Please provide project information in the fields below:

Thanks so much!!I will get my act together over break & then provide an updated timeline on your project(s) by January 5th next year!​Happy Holidays!

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