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April 9th @ 1pm EST

class will last 30 - 40 mins

Join meeting by clicking here.

Meeting ID: 652 307 581
Password: Artillery

If you haven't downloaded and created an account with zoom this will be necessary before class. 

Necessary Preparations:

Supplies listed here

Kids might find they want to take their time with the design of the egg before we being coloring and painting. Since we will have limited time to draw, intricate designs can be created before class. Or the class will be available as a recording later if they get lost on a step. 

Don't know what to do? 

Check out sample artwork, get ideas or download my premade


View video of 
project here!
Click Here to make supply image reaapear

Create a paper version of "dying easter eggs" The oil in the crayons repels the water in the paint to give the drawing a two tone look. 

1. Hand draw or trace your pattern (video gives examples of how to make your own lightbox to easily trace a printed image)

2. Color your design with crayons or oil pastels (be sure to leave some areas white)

3. Create a wash with acrylic paint or use water color paints and paint over the entire egg. 

4. Cut and display! Don't forget to clean up your mess!

Necessary Preparations:

Supplies listed here 

Check out artwork created by some 
extrememly talented artists by clicking here
click here to make this box magically disappear

Don't know what to draw? 

Check out sample artwork, get ideas or download a pre-made template... below

Here are some samples as well as templates you can download and print.

Click on image to download pdf

Feel free to do your own search, use these images as inspiration or have fun and completely design your own egg. It can be simplistic or complex!

Here are some ideas from a stock illustration site called check it out for inspiration!

Questions? Email me

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