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3rd grade challenge

_ _ i _'s about to get real.

[fill in the consonants to complete this word]



Join us between 4 & 9pm Saturday, August 7th

for food, drinks & MOST IMPORTANTLY

to compete in the K-12 challenge. 




Can't make it? Lucky for you, the challenge will be available online starting August 6th.  Complete all 13 challenges by midnight on August 8th and your chances of being crowned the victor are just as high as those in attendance

Thank you! Whether you're able to attend or not you can join in on the K-12 Challenge. An email with more information will be sent before Aug 6th. 

but before reality strikes, we want to acknowledge how far he's come. Since Evan's not one that loves to be the center of attention unless it involves competition, we figured the optimal way to celebrate his graduation was to twist a gathering into a friendly team competition involving challenges based upon the physical and cognitive milestones obtained between Kindergarten & 12th Grade.


There's 2 ways you can get in on the action...

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