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getting started

What exactly makes me "qualified" to  "putting it all together?"

1. Seasoned Expertise: Straddling a photography AND design career over the past two decades opened my eyes to bigger and brighter ideas.

2. Artistic Disposition: I’m of the small percentage of people that see the world, hmmmm how do you put it…in a different light. As a child this felt like a character flaw, but as an adult I’ve come recognize it as a virtue. Whether a blank canvas, a photograph or four walls, a floor and a ceiling, I see each as its own composition; a connection of color, texture and light. So the dimension might change but the vision does not. 

3. Motherly Instinct: A profitable attribute? Goodness one point motherhood was downright debilitating, (when it came to my career of course :), but the lessons learned from raising a baby to adult has served me well.

  • As a Photographer, I understand the bittersweet moments of watching a child grow, and how freezing the “imperfections” is actually what captures true perfection.

  • As a Designer, it’s made me a more insightful designer. I still won’t compromise on the look, but to push the  ingenious ideas to practical application.

4. Service Inspired - I like to connect with people; and connecting with people develop rapport which in my book is considered a friendship.  Nothing makes me happier than getting to know what people want and making it happen. That’s not a sales pitch, it’s a genuine fact. 

2. "Back in the day" ideas were drawn up on graph paper and approved with good faith, but with recent advancements in 3D technology, ideas aren't just imaginable, they're practically tangible. What does this mean for you? Not only can we discuss, explore and dream up the possibilities for your space, but piece by piece we can BUILD it within your very own visual reality. Which means when you dive into the "Real Thing," you can be 100% confident that it will be completely on-target with what you've envisioned.


First priority...define YOUR

It's important to do this before we start building because it sets the foundation for the design.  Of course this isn't something that happens with the blink of an eye. To get to the end, we must first start at the beginning, so roll up your sleeves, I'm going to need your help. Divulge all the nitty gritty details; rant about your major pet peeves and rave about what you adore, don't forget to share the important details such as end goals, style preferences and the almighty budget. The more you share, the easier it will be to dream up solutions, tailor made to you.


The first three steps of this process require teamwork to ensure your project is moving in the right direction.


step 1


DESIGN dilemma

First step on this journey is the 30 - 60 min"exploratory" consultation. This meeting takes place at the dwelling you want to freshen up. I'll request a tour, expect you to rant, & rave as much as you'd like while I jot down notes, After I've gathered what I need, I'll measure, take a few photos and then be on my merry way. It's 100% complementary*,  and without further expectations to sign on a dotted line. 

* The consult won't cost you a dime, but there will be one or two ideas dropped your way, trusting that the power of ingenuity will be more than enough to entice you to come back hungry for more. 

step 2




The question most people would like to know at the consult is "How much is this going to cost me?!"


Every project whether it is a remodel or a refresh begins with what I like to call "The Vision." The Vision provides everything you'll need to redefine your space. Pricing starts at $500, but not all projects fit in a nice neat box, a final estimate determined by the scope of the project will be provided after the consult. After you have a chance to review, we'll can adjust services until we find a formula that meets your needs and your budget  Upon your seal of approval and a 50% deposit an official date for first round of ideas will be set!


step 3



Now that I've got a good grasp about where you're coming from, I want to lear more about where wanting to go. You may know exactly where this is, or have no clue. Either is OK!


Got pinterest? If not download the app and be ready. We'll use this amazing tool to discover what you like and what you don't, as well as communicate and manage the project. When you're ready purchase items for your space, you'll be able to pick and choose from items on your board, all available at the click of a button. 

I'll be adding to your board throughout the project and I encourage you to do the same.


step 4


the[visual] REALITY 

(a fancy name for the 3D replica with ALL the nuts and bolts in place)

 I'll take the info gathered from steps 1, 2 & 3 to

At this point in the process, other than interjecting your opinions here and there, you can just sit back, relax and virtually watch as YOUR Vision come to life. 


Better together...right? Show and tell is the best way to explain my thoughts and Ideas as well as present colors etc and since more is accomplished face-to-face there's no set number of meeting, it's based on needs.



Refreshing your home requires a lot of boxes to be checked. When this process is complete you'll have everything you need to implement your vision. This includes a mood board & color palette, floor plan with measurements furnishing placement, 3D rendering and a list of products.




Change is nerve racking, so what if you could eliminate the guessing game?These 3D Renderings providing true to size, realistic full circle views of your space. Meaning you can literally (well virtually) walk through the space




As my client you can expect 100% perseverance towards delivering creative ideas suitable to your lifestyle, interests, taste and ambition; innovative solutions bolstered by 20 years of design experience.



So...when all is said and done you will walk away with...

In other words, everything you need to "put together" each little piece of the vision. 


  1. Paint Colors,

  2. Links to furnishings, window coverings, wall paper (if applicable), lighting, decor,

  3. floor plan (to help reference for layout of items) 

  4. 3D Rendering with 360 degree views of the space.

  5. Remodeling projects will receive everything necessary for seamless handover to contractor.

And if you're looking for more. Additional services such as: hand selecting the materials, in store shopping as well as decorating the space are available and charged by the hour. We can discuss these services as well as any other questions you may have at the consultation. 

So we've talked process, but the most important questions have yet to be answered: HOW do you benefit and WHAT do you get?



Here's a breakdown of the design services as well as deliverables you can expect:


the final product

click to see larger


Design Direction


the visual reality

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