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Okay, yes, I will admit to taking the Mickey out on my brain as I describe it's function similar to a pinball machine - ideas sparked here there and EVERYWHERE!  This comes in handy for the conceptual part of a project where a brain that jumps around is at an advantage.


You know a few ricocheted ideas here, a bump and jolt there makes for both fabulous and, if I'm being honest, lousy ideas, but that's the point of the brainstorm! Everything is brought to the table, batted around and then discarded until you find the one that's on the button? on the mark? the bullsyeye? Yah, yah, yah, enough of the cheesy pinball terms, let's just say once the idea is sparked and direction is set, game on!


Call me a perfectionist or whatever names you'd like to concoct, if you've got the perfect idea than the execution of that idea needs to be flawless, so that your audience sees the rhyme behind the reason. (or vice versa)

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