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You can't see the big picture without first digging through the nitty gritty. Likewise, developing a rapport built upon trust means which wouldn’t be fair to tell all if I weren't willing to remove my camouflage as well. So here is a collection of idiosyncratic facts to provide a window into my own "infrastructure."

let's start with the ever so important


Right brain to English translation - My Creative Mission

Whether it's about capturing photos, developing a brand, or remodeling a home the resolve of this mission remains the same:

Discover. First and foremost I want to get to know the individual or family. Find out what the wants, the needs, the inclinations and the aversions; to truly understand the expectations of what should be captured or achieved.

Distinguish Create & capture based on client aspirations and goals; inventive options that consider trends, but don't revolve around them.   

Deliver. My end goal is to provide a design that is chock full of innovation, feasible to achieve, and built completely around the things that matter.


Pencil Colors


This hodgepodge of facts isn’t exactly overflowing with professional qualifications, but hopefully provides a little insight into the brain of a creative, more specifically MY brain. 

I am slightly obsessed with color & light.


{okay, okay, I'm totally infatuated} 

January 1998
Moved to
Orange County, CA

a long long time ago

December 1997
Earned a Bachelor
of Fine Arts from
the University of Arizona

Sometime in 2005 - (with 3 kids 2 and under it's all a blur) To allow for a more flexible schedule to spend time with my little rugrats, I opened a photography studio.

March 2020 - the pandemic…required everyone to hit pause button until the world started rotating again. Not being able to work, I dove into fixing up our home and design began to take on a whole new dimension :-)

Spring 2023
While I continue to photograph families and High school seniors, home design has become the main focus. In the two years since taking this divergent path, I've refreshed and remodeled a vast amount of client homes & look forward to reviving many more. 

the great unknown

Designed all sorts of print & digital collateral while employed as a graphic artist at an advertising agency

July 2017
Moved to Charlotte, NC
Started rebuilding my photo/design biz

Spring 2021
with the discovery of another fervent passion in 3D design & a fresh outlook, visual design consultant was added to withinsight creative's repertoire of design and photo services.


While the decision to pursue a career in graphic design ions ago was definitely a step in the right direction; life changing events namely having kids, moving cross country and adapting to an unexpected pandemic sanctioned an adaption to the course. Amen to that! Not only did this meandering path broaden horizons and enrich the vision, but it also refined my capability to understand my clients desires and deliver accordingly.

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