[ al-troo-is-tik ]

concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others
When establishing the scope and direction of a project, first and foremost I want to acknowledge the limitations, main objectives and hopeful aspirations established. The service-driven girl in me fancies concocting a finished product that maintains the tangible constraints yet surpasses the expectations. 
Ask me if I'm going to try and creatively break out of the confinements of the project...wait did you seriously just ask me that question?

[ en-gey-jing ]

establish a meaningful contact or connection with
In this day and age where everyone is stimulated at all times by technology, if you don't capture and entice your audience within seconds, you lose them. Other than fact that I've made it quite obvious that  I understand the ins and outs of a brain that bounces around, I also am one who loves to connect with people on all sorts of levels whether it is through discussion or design. I demand that connection which has molded me into a person who reads what people need in order to keep them satisfied, which in turn gratifies me. Do you see what just happened there. Really your project is ALL about me ;-) 
 If things change before your very eyes, it's   not an accident. It's the fusion of your vision   with my ideas; a formula guaranteed to   induce a  razzle-dazzle  of a chemical reaction.
Can I prove it? Sure can.  P
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introducing new ideas; original and creative in thinking.
While researching other designs it is necessary to observe trends as well as unearth the unbeaten path, starting with a blank canvas kindles unanticipated fortuity.
You can't achieve better and brighter without an 'avant-garde' approach. An end product that achieves the "WOW" status through amazing design and refreshing concepts transcends the humdrum pursuits that rely on expensive, flashy gimmicks to bait their customers. 


new; fresh; inventive; novel:
 I cringe when my path crosses with a cheesy, not well thought out concept. I commend (and occasionally loathe) the internal tyrant who will NOT let me settle when it comes to generating innovative ideas. It's impossible to achieve an alluring status by skimping on the initial brainstorming process. An astute concept is one that is generated by fusing together many well pondered ideas. 
                   And while yes, ideas do flow naturally to this divergent brain, it doesn't mean the best idea is the one that pops into my head right
                   away. Here, patience is a virtue...One idea stems another idea, which might hatch another idea...and then
                     stimulates another idea...you get the picture. (kinda cheesy?!) 


having no ulterior motives; straightforward.
It's an interesting adjective to describe someone who pursued a career in DESIGNING. And yes, I am aware that my job IS to convince others to partake in a service or product through influencing their decisions. While swaying an opinion isn't always easy, to maintain trust it MUST be done in a forthright manner. When all said and done, I aspire to create designs that stay true to the vision while presenting nothing but the concrete facts; to build product allegiance without compromising integrity.