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cracking the cranium

With a cortex brimming with umpteen thoughts, ideas and emotions, I’ve pondered starting blogs on a multitude of topics. One of my favorites involves the frustrations as well as the positive aspects of living with ADHD, which is possibly the reason I’ve started many blogs, books, projects yada yada yada, yet not finished one ;-) I figure since there are so many subjects I’d love to dip my toes in, “the creative brain” is the perfect umbrella for all the ideas and interests floating around inside my head.

It might be bumptious (thesaurus word of the day meaning arrogant and egotistical) to think others might want to read and see images of past or future conceptions, but that’s not my intention at all. Rather, I’m hoping that by writing and posting these blogs as a reader you might find that you relate to the subject matter and/or are inspired by the projects and ideas. Heck, I'm hoping on top of it all, you can teach me a thing or two! In the very least this blog will give me an avenue to dump all of this mumbo jumbo out of my head, kind of like archiving information on an external hard drive.

I'm not one to feel as though my thoughts are important enough to make a difference in your life, but the beauty of a blog is that it is completely the readers choice whether or not to follow or read the material. Thus I don't have to feel like I'm boring others to death with my latest and greatest contemplations. If you have interest in what is bouncing up and down in my brain then it becomes your prerogative to check it out. (Promise I won't judge, well not harshly anyways ;-)

So if you're willing to take the plunge and can handle a few twists and turns with an occasional upside down flip then without further adieu I present this blog:

The ups, downs & all arounds of my creative mind.

The Bio of a Pinball Queen.

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