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The Master retreat


Transform master-bedroom into a spa-like room to provide an evening escape from everyday obligations.


Blue and white, oceanic, beachy spa feel. Clean, Simple and Natural.


Scandinavian, Boho and California Coast

Reused or Recycled Furnishings and Decor:

Bed frame, night stands (refurbished), blinds, TV & ceiling fan.




While the budget was ample, there were quite a few large furnishing that were needed in order to fill the large bedroom. Of course aside from actually putting the room together, planning and problem solving might be my favorite part of design because it requires innovation.

This is how it went down:

  • Researched & purchased the majority of furnishings online from inexpensive stores such as: Wayfair/All Modern, Target and World Market to help stretch the funds.

  • Enjoyed a few hunting sessions at my favorite decor store, HomeGoods for decor, bedding and pillows.

  • Refurbished the side tables - It's amazing what a little paint, new legs and knobs can do...Okay a little bit of a moulding change to the midsection as well, but quite the transformation without lots of $.

  • Looked to Etsy, a local LKN biz and my sister-in-law for a few inexpensive yet unique pieces (click on images to visit online store - ps. I don't get kickbacks or paid to mention these companies, but as an artist like to share the wealth)

  • Gathered images from client from favorite family beach vacations, as well as asked their girls for quotes about most memorable moments on beach vacations as well as had them provide drawings of tropical plants which I transformed into mid-century type art to add a personal touch.

  • And of course a mainstay for a gorgeous room, LOTS AND LOTS of plants both real and faux :-)

Check out all the angles below

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