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100%you = 100%me

Admittedly, school was not my thing. The social aspect, yes! Buuuuuuut the learning part, not so much. Incapable of regurgitating information about subjects that barred little interest, I found other ways to pass time such as: analyzing the fascinating classroom decor, doodling & writing. During the miniscule breaks I chatted with friends about...well, just about anything and everything that was trending in the early 90's. While I couldn't tell you one thing about the history lesson, I COULD tell you all about Kate AND Joe AND Jim AND Jane's aspirations, family life, girlfriend and boyfriend drama, outfit, eye color blah, blah blah.

Why share these deep dark secrets about the past? To CREATE a flow for content & CONNECT the dots of course! :-)

After 25+ years in the rat race, I’ve come to realize the areas in school where I felt inadequate don’t really matter now; luckily intrinsic capability has been enough to carry me throughout my career. An intuitive obsession with color, light, layout, and trends inspires me to create and the innate desire to connect and help others envision what they want, yields an overwhelming amount of personal fulfillment.

So while, yes, fundamentally the finished product is my creation, the aura & presence is an all-embracing reflection of YOUR vision, YOUR objectives and YOUR style.

Since I'm a girl who believes actions over words...In the next few weeks I'll be sure to provide images that render proof as to how 100% YOU = 100% ME.

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